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For enrolled students who need access information to login myBC Portal

Dear Brighton Students,

We are excited to announce that myBC student portal is ready for you to access. Here is the information about myBC student portal:

Why myBC student portal?

For now, the following features are available on your portal. More features will be released in the future. We will notify you when they are ready.

  • My Profile – Please check to make sure the information is accurate and updated. If you don’t see your Social Insurance Number (SIN) listed, please input your SIN. This is very important for the students who will be requesting education tax receipt T2202 for tax reporting purposes.
  • My Documents – From now on, you can download tax receipt T2202 directly from the myBC portal. To do this you will need the last 3 digitals of your SIN as verification code for download. Please make sure you have input your SIN on the "My Profile" page.
  • My Courses - Your student portal dashboard also has a feature called "My Current Courses". Click on the "My current courses" link and you will be able to see all your courses, each course name, instructor, Start and Ends dates, and class times!
  • My Billing - Student can make payment via myBC student portal with credit card, but only for the application fee, graduation gown fee and documentation fee. Question about program fee payment method, please contact the financial advisor

How to access?

The following access method is for student only.

  • Username: your student ID (ex. FBxxxx)
  • Password: yyyymmdd (DOB provided for registration, ex. 19850527)
You can change your login password after you login, under the "Update Password" tab within the portal.

If you haven’t provided the college with your DOB, please use 90900909 as your login password, and then change your password under the tab of "Update Password" within the portal. Please add or update your DOB on the ‘My Profile’ page once you have logged in.

Should you have any questions with canvas, please contact us at (604) 430-5608 or email: